Brussel Sprouts and Holiday Schedule Poker

Brussel Spouts Angus Beef Patty

Mary shrieked, “Yuck, what’s that smell?!?!” I bit the bullet and was heating brussel sprouts for my lunch vegetables. I answered, “I figure I get this veggie out of the way early on.” She continued, “You mean you ordered vegetables you don’t like?” I replied, “You know me. I’m Mr. Easy Going.” Thinking back, I didn’t have time to hand select my 56 vegetable packs so I chose quick select and tweaked an item or two. If I were to do this program again, I would select a higher quantity of my favorite type of vegetables. Since this was my first time, I wanted to experience the different veggie choices. Don’t brussel spouts look like tiny cabbages?

I was quite busy with work so I had no time to think about being hungry. The brussel sprouts tasted better than they smelled. It may be an acquired taste as Chet whispered that he enjoys brussel sprouts. The angus beef patty was tasty so I was pretty happy with my day three’s lunch.

Late in the afternoon, my manager Brad came by to catch up with Chet and I. We chatted about a co-worker’s ex-husband who was involved in a very bad car accident. It was a sobering discussion and we all agreed to keep a healthy work life balance. I’ve been hesitating to lock down my Thanksgiving vacation time. There has been some recent tension about our team’s conflicting time off. I decided to use this opportunity to hammer out our team’s holiday time off for November, December, and January. Although our team chemistry is top notch, when it comes down to taking vacation with your family, it almost boils down to every man for himself. Welcome to holiday schedule poker.

Brad opened things up by saying I don’t have any plans for Thanksgiving. I reminded them both of my desire to visit my brother and parents up north. I was unsure of when to begin the vacation and didn’t want to clash with Chet. Chet offered, “You are lucky since my wife doesn’t like to travel, so why are you even asking?” I countered, “Well, I want to be fair and I have to at least ask right?” Chet jabbed back, “Ok, I want to take a few days off before Thanksgiving.” I glared back, “You son of a …” Brad, Chet, and I chuckled at the back and forth. Chet did want the day after Thanksgiving off as well so Brad would stay behind to provide coverage. Since we are a 24/7 operation, Brad swapped my week of being on call as it started on the weekend after Thanksgiving. With November set, we moved on to December.

I opened things up by offering to handle Christmas and New Years. This works well for me since my wife is locked up at her work during those times. Also, since Brad was working two straight on call weeks during November, I would make it up to him by taking two straight on call weeks in December. Brad and Chet would still be around since they didn’t have special Christmas plans. However, Chet, who never takes vacation, is eyeing for a long three week vacation in January. That’s when Brad and I would combine to cover his absence. Thankfully, at the end of it all, everyone was happy. I would get my Thanksgiving time off to spend with my family. Brad and Chet will not have to deal with being on call during Christmas and New Years. Chet will be a happy camper if his January vacation is approved. If it is, Chet and I will need to pair up so we can give Brad some much deserved time off.

Fiesta Blend Marinara Chicken

I wrapped up by day with a fiesta vegetable blend and marinara chicken. The good thing about my diet is the support I’m getting from my close friends. Rick reminded me to take some fish oil pills, eat walnuts, and avocado to increase my fatty acids for the brain. I was delighted to see that fish oil pills help with cardiac arrest issues which was the catalyst for me trying this program in the first place. Clarence reminded me to try to at least get more than six hours of sleep to maintain normal blood glucose levels. Sadly, I’ve been averaging five. Time to hit the sack.

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