BlogWorld Business Card Challenge Results

I was pretty ambitious when I gave myself the BlogWorld Business Card Challenge. I ordered 500 cards and had it in my mind to get rid of all of them. Well, maybe save a few for prosperity, friends, and family. I pushed pretty hard, but fell short. The bright side is I far exceeded my previous highs. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say I probably gave out 50 cards total from a number of different companies, combined.

After all was said and done, I collected 168 business cards in 3 days. Thursday and Fridays were half days while Saturday covered the entire day. Did I learn anything? You betcha.

Quality Trumps Quantity

While networking, I tried two methods. While speed networking, I hit different people with my card, said a line or two, took their card if they had one, and moved on. This is great for pumping up your social media numbers, but the relationship isn’t very strong because we didn’t have any time to really connect. When I did some regular networking, I sat myself down with a group, exchanged stories and ideas. Although I burned more time, 15 to 20 minutes, the relationship was deeper and stronger. The odds of partnering in the future rose dramatically. I’m actually in touch with a few of these new contacts right now. In the end, 5 solid contacts trump 20 quick card handout contacts.

Use It Or Lose It

A few people I gave cards to told me they ran out of business cards or forgot them in their room. This is the biggest blog, new media expo around, and you ran out or forgot your cards? The BWELA encourages new contacts and partners to get together with all their networking events. Time to step up folks and don’t miss your shot! I prefer the breakfast events over the clubs. Breakfast networking, you have one goal in mind, to network. During the after parties, music is blaring, alcohol is involved, and everyone just wants to blow off steam. I would guess networking isn’t as high of a priority as the morning sessions.

Final Thoughts

When I saw BlogWorld was coming around the corner, I forced myself to buy business cards so I would be ready to go. I feel like I was taking blogging more seriously and I wanted the people I meet to take me seriously as well. In the past, I would procrastinate and miss my window. Not any longer. Cards came in a few days before the event. Using it as a networking tool, I went out and met a lot of new people.

Like I mentioned before, there were a few people who didn’t have cards. I gave them my card anyway. Why? This is a potential new reader or sponsor so why not take a shot with a card? I also rid myself of my life long bad habit of pack ratting unnecessary items. Finally I assumed that I would magically have 168 new followers and friends. I was dead wrong. If I want to grow my numbers, I need to follow up and quickly add them to my new media accounts. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, but rest assured, your hard work does pay off. Check out this amazing roundup focused on BWELA.

70+ Brilliant Bloggers Talk About #BWELA 2011

Stay Inspired!

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22 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    What a great networking opportunity! The people who either ran out of cards or forgot them just didn’t put enough thought into the opportunity.

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    I got rid of more of my business cards at BWELA than I have in the preceding 2 years that I’ve had them (I obviously don’t network enough) and I still have some left. I could have done much better if I had gone your route.

    When I used to work trade shows it used to amaze me the number of people who didn’t have business cards to give me. Either they weren’t really related to a business and just managed to scam their ways into the show or they weren’t very slick business folks. When I leave the house I am rarely without business cards since I never know who I’ll run into and what topics will come up in our conversations. It’s better to be prepared.

    Good networking job, Buck.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Great tips. I had a great time with the expo and really learned a lot. The networking was the best part. I made a lot of great connections. Nice meeting you!

  4. Agreed, quality trumps quantity with professional networking. I think we like to do business with people we know and trust. How do you get to know and trust anyone at speed networking? The most beneficial networking at FINCON was the informal meet-ups during session breaks. Even chatting with those nearby during the sessions was extraordinarily beneficial. Good call.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Due to my business card challenge, I was pushing for quantity. But there were times I slowed down to rest and spent a longer time with a particular group. You are right. One of the best networking sessions was the finance blogger meetup where we spent dinner exchanging ideas and stories. Hopefully our paths will cross one day!

  5. Sounds like it was a great way to meet some new people. Glad you got a chance to go. I need to attend more of these. Maybe next year.

  6. Benny says:

    Hey Buck! Good job getting your name out there!

    What sessions did you attend, if any?

    I only read great things from Blog World. Sounded like a great time.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Thanks Benny! This time around I went mainly for networking. I caught a keynote and some expert panels. I also hit the expo and learned about different products and ad networks. Pretty fun and it should motivate any content creator and new media expert to push to the next level!

  7. Aloysa says:

    What if those people did not forget their cards but were running low and were saving them for big name blogs (not that yours isn’t a big name blog but they were saving it for Consumerist)? I have a difficult time (being a suspicious somewhat person) to believe that people would be so unprepeared for such a huge event. 🙂 Sounds you had a great time and you were prepeared for it! 😉

    • Buck Inspire says:

      You mean Im not as big as Consumerist? Haha! I would conserve cards if I was running low. Thanks for making me see another POV. Ironically I am keeping in touch with one of the folks who forgot their cards. I actually remembered them better. Life works in mysterious ways!

  8. It was great meeting you and exchanging cards at Blogworld! I am looking forward to reading more of your blog!!

  9. Cassy says:

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  10. Wow! You have such a great opportunity of expanding your network there! Hope I will to have a chance of joining one.. Thank you for sharing…

  11. kim says:

    Hi! Its great to read some information and tips on how to get into effortless and inexpensive marketing. Sometimes exchanging cards from acquaintances may be a great help in a business. Im glad I have read your post.

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