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I saw Black Swan a few weeks back. Although, I didn’t see all the other nominees, Natalie Portman did turn in an award winning performance. Didn’t she look fabulous on the red carpet? Sorry I should leave the fashion post to the Mrs. πŸ™‚ Anyway, then it hit me. Are bloggers like ballerinas?

Passion Or Addiction

Black Swan shows us the grueling world of ballet. Ballerinas eat, drink, breathe, sweat their art. It’s incredible what they go through mentally and physically, especially in their tiny frames! They probably go through as intense of a training and workout as professional athletes. Even worse, they have to eat like models. I wouldn’t call bloggers professional athletes, but sometimes we go through similar physical and mental stresses.

Blogger The Movie?

Back in the day, my friends and I dabbled with filmmaking. I can imagine panning into a dimly lit room. Our hero, or heroine, is furiously typing away on their laptop, their latest eye-opening article. Hair, oily from not being washed. Nerves, jittery for averaging 2 hours of sleep. Eyes, bloodshot from overuse. The body could go in two directions. Rail thin, just like a ballerina, for forgetting to eat or picking up some pounds because said blogger hasn’t moved from the chair in hours while snacking on junk food. At least ballerinas aren’t eye-sores. Don’t think this project will get green lit anytime soon.

Metrics Overload

What causes intelligent and responsible bloggers to go spiraling out of control? I came close from going off the deep end myself and almost quit blogging altogether. I believe it is metrics overload. Blogging is fascinating and highly addicting because there are so many things to tweak, improve, and monitor. Visits, pageviews, comments, followers, friends, subscribers, AdSense, Alexa, and web design, just to name a few. Before we became bloggers, our challenges could be measured by a handful of metrics and easier to handle. Be aware of this, take a breath, and get a grip!


After battling teen angst and early adulthood, many of us are finally comfortable in our own skins. However, now that we have a new way of expressing ourselves, we are insecure like ballerinas. They seek validation from their parents, coaches, and peers. Bloggers are constantly looking for outside validation. Combined with the above metrics overload, it is a deadly perfect storm. Am I a good blogger? Let’s check my comments? None today? Hmmm, how’s my Alexa? Good, it’s still dropping. *Sigh of relief* But what about my subscriber count? It’s dropping! Quick, how’s my visit count? Good, it went higher. *Sigh* Am I making money on AdSense? What? Two cents?!?! You get the picture.

Stronger Swan Queen

In the movie, the Swan Queen plays both swan roles. The white, meticulous, flawless fundamentals, and plays by the rules. The black, unbridled passion, completely goes with the flow, and flies by the seat of her pants. Although I have only been blogging for a few months, I have seen one such blogger. However, she is a stronger version of the Swan Queen because she doesn’t seem to be bogged down by the issues I stated above. Without further ado, the Stronger Swan Queen Blogger is Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. I’m sure none of you are surprised! She is a blogging machine who never lets up and also her passion for blogging is contagious. Thank you for inspiring us all. For everyone else, keep doing what you’re doing, don’t let blogging consume you, and try your best to be a stronger swan queen blogger, too!

Do you have advice on how to handle blogging addiction?

Stay Inspired!

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20 Responses

  1. MoneyCone says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your selection of the black swan blogger!

  2. Aloysa says:

    Haha! I saw the nomination and award coming miles away. πŸ™‚ Great choice! Absolutely agree!

  3. Eric says:

    Great choice Buck. Interesting perspective.

  4. Crystal says:

    That is just TOO cool!!! Thank you so much for the kind words. I like Swan Queen Blogger even better than the Terminator of Blogging, lol. It sounds much nicer looking, hahaha. Anyway, thank you.

    I don’t think I could do what I do with blogging if it had to be as intense as the ballerinas in that movie though…nope, it looked painful to me… πŸ™‚

    • Buck Inspire says:

      You’re welcome and much deserved! πŸ™‚ Guess Swan Queen Blogger is a better fit for you than Terminator of Blogging. Yeah, ballerinas have a pretty rough and intense life. What people do for passion and chasing their dreams!

  5. 101 Centavos says:

    How to handle a blogging addiction? Less sleep…..

  6. Evan says:

    How do you name the black swan without naming the white one? Who is it!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Rereading my post, I can see why it was a little confusing. Black Swan Blogger referred to the movie. In the movie, the Swan Queen plays both the black and white swan. Although Crystal pulls more of the Black Swan, I was trying to say she actually plays both, just like the movie. She is meticulous with her blog details, goals, and updates. Comments, works the forums, participates in carnivals, hosts carnivals, and works social media. In my mind, flawless blogging fundamentals. We all know about her passion ala the Black Swan. That’s why I selected her as the (Stronger) Swan Queen Blogger because she doesn’t seem to be insecure like the character in the movie. I know, little confusing with all the different names and characters. Sorry for the confusion! πŸ™‚

  7. Lindy Mint says:

    Everything you say about validation is so true! If I have a slow week, I feel my mood go down and my insecurities go up. It’s silly really.

    I try to breathe and remind myself that it’s just a blog, I am not my blog, I have a family and a job and a life. Sometimes that helps.

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