Biggest Baby Shower LA 2013

Big City Moms

Baby Buck is growing everyday, but he still needs a lot of assistance, I needed to get the latest scoop on baby gear. Lucky for me, the Biggest Baby Shower LA, brought to us by Big City Moms, took place last week at the Taglyan Complex. Here are the items that caught my eye.

Biggest Baby Shower LA

Summer Baby Video Monitor

Since we now live in a bigger home, it’s crucial that we get a monitor to keep tabs on Baby Buck. He’s also crawling now so I can’t let him wander too far. Summer baby video monitors may be my answer.

Bloom Fresco Chrome High Chair

Now that Baby Buck is getting heavier, holding him while bottle feeding takes a toll on the arms and shoulders. A great way to alleviate the problem is to prop him in a high chair. The styling contemporary Bloom Fresco Chrome High Chair stopped me in my tracks. I’m a sucker for sci-fi so the space age look is just too cool.

4moms mamaRoo Swinger

Like I said before since my son is packing on the pounds, rocking him to sleep is not a simple task. It looks like the 4moms mamaRoo swinger is up for the challenge and is also aesthetically appealing at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Baby shows are great because it keeps us on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest baby products. With Baby Buck growing so quickly, his needs change at lightning speed. If you don’t live in LA, you’re in luck because Big City Moms also takes their show on the road. They’ll be in San Francisco on April 25, 2013.

Finally special thanks goes to Daddy Scrubs. The only place with gear and accessories for the equally important dads in the birth process. I’m rocking the Daddy Scrubs backpack on the weekends and it also doubles as my work backpack during the week. Super comfortable straps and the endless amount of pockets is a must for every dad. Plus, everyone will know Who’s the Daddy!

For more information on Big City Moms, visit Big City Moms.

For more information on the Summer Baby Video Monitor, visit Summer.

For more information on the Bloom Fresco Chrome High Chair, visit bloom.

For more information on the 4moms mamaRoo Swinger, visit 4moms.

For more information on Daddy Scrubs, visit Daddy Scrubs.

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    Enjoy the moments while you can because they grow up fast! I am sure you have heard that before, but it is true!

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