BI 004: Update Contacts, Verify Shipping, Trust Your Instincts

For this Christmas edition of the Buck Inspire Podcast, I selected Lee from Tossing It Out as this week’s Listener of the Week. If you want to read high caliber writing from poems, flashbacks, travel writing, and fiction, make sure you visit today!

Since my wife and I are pretty healthy, I selected HMO for the lower premiums. In case you were wondering from last week.

Did you see that FedEx viral video of a delivery man tossing a brand new flat panel tv over a fence? If you’re listening, contact me so we all can hear your side of the story! Listen to today’s episode to learn more about these valuable lessons.

When you move, make sure you update your contacts with your new address. Second, when you mail something, make sure you verify the shipping address. Third, when something feels wrong, trust your instincts. Finally, stay calm and don’t get caught in the blame game, and make the best of the situation.

Merry Christmas to all. Be safe with your loved ones and tune in next week for a big change at Buck Inspire just in time for the New Year.

Happy Holidays and Stay Inspired!

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12 Responses

  1. Happy holidays to you too. I hope you have a great weekend with your family. I am excited to hear about the “big change.”

  2. Happy Holidays! That video was pretty crazy.

  3. Great tips! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! Don’t eat too much and travel safe!

  4. Arlee Bird says:

    Gosh, what an honor! It was a pleasant Christmas surprise to get this recognition with such kind words.

    I saw that FedEx video and that was pretty crazy.

    Peruvian food! Ah, one of the favorites that my wife and I share.


  5. Nicely done, again. Looking forward to the BIG change. Always keep your cool, great advice. All the best for Christmas Buck!

    BB posted a pic of the BWELA meet-up. I’m 99.99% certain that your in there somewhere.

    I’m sensing a BIG reveal coming up?

  6. Feliz Navidad Buck… (Merry Christmas) 😀

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