BI 003: HMO vs PPO

Today I’m introducing a new segment. Thank you for all the support and encouragement as I venture into this brave new world of podcasting. One listener, however, stood head and shoulders above the rest. Our listener of the week hails from Virginia Beach by way of Australia. He is a passionate personal finance blogger who also loves cycling. Let’s hear it for Hunter from Financially Consumed! Do yourself a favor and visit him at Now on with the show!

Last week, I debated on Style vs Substance. It looks like substance wins! I replaced our metallic shower curtain rings with plastic ones and our showers are now way more relaxing. This week we look at HMO vs PPO. With my new job, I have new insurance options. After doing some research my doctors are in the HMO network. Unfortunately, my wife’s doctors are in the PPO network. If you were us, would you go with HMO to save on premiums or would you go with PPO to have total freedom in selecting your health care professionals. I need your help listeners. Leave your vote in the comments below.

Thanks for listening. Have a great weekend and stay inspired!

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16 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    It is not a s simple as it sounds. Your doctor may be unimportant because you are healthy, but I want the best when it comes to my health My eye doctor caught something early! Catching an undiagnosed disease is the value of a good doctor. I prefer a PPO over an HMO.

  2. That’s awesome, I’m blown away. Thanks!

    It’s truly an honor to be the first ‘listener of the week’ on Buck Inspire!

    I’m not sure which way to go with the health insurance. We’ve been a little insulated from these decisions as the military system takes care of our healthcare needs. I suppose it’s like a huge HMO, and it serves us well.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Glad you enjoyed it and well deserved! With readers and listeners like you, I’m motivated to keep my content fun and engaging. Awesome military perk you have. Thanks for your feedback and support!

  3. Arlee Bird says:

    I’m with an HMO through my wife’s work and it’s all i’ve ever known. I like it because it’s so well interconnected with a good network of doctors, health service programs, and pharmacy. The doctors seem to be very efficient and caring and there is a good process of follow-up, which is good for someone neglectful like me. I like having the HMO hospital and everything else involved in the same place. It’s kind of like one-stop shopping. Been with the HMO for 14 years and I’m very happy with them.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Untemplater says:

    Nice podcast Buck! I’ve only had PPO insurance and it’s worked well for me over the years. I haven’t had to go out of network even though I had the option. I don’t know what it’s like with HMO but it’s really easy to change doctors with my PPO plan so that’s a nice perk. -Sydney

  5. Doctor Stock says:

    Quality tends to lead to a PPO I would think… although I’m a little out of my realm here since in Canada, we don’t have these issues to contend with. We receive great healthcare overall, but we pay for it through very high taxes.

  6. We just went throught the whole process. Short term aggravation, for long term wonderful benefit. I’m so glad to have access to good healthcare!

  7. Option for me is HMO with Aetna premium plan. PPO was not an option for me.

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