BI 049: Be Yourself Chris Stark

I’m gearing up to get interviews back on the podcast. Looking back at my previous interviews, I was rather stiff and rigid. To improve, I’m drawing inspiration from Chris Stark who was just being himself, shooting the breeze with such mega stars as Mila Kunis and Robert Downey Jr., and not worrying about being the next Larry King or Oprah Winfrey. He reminds me of Hugh Grant. He was natural, nervous, and a little quirky. He was just being himself. This is great advice for interviews, but can also be applied to all aspects of your life.

How does being yourself improve your life?

Special Mention:

Mila Kunis talks to Chris Stark off the Scott Mills show on Radio 1

BBC Radio 1’s Chris Stark Mila Kunis Interview — with Soledad O’Brien

Robert Downey Jr talks to Chris Stark of the Scott Mills show on Radio 1

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4 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    Interviews are tricky! There are celebrities which are tough interviews because they never open up. Robert De Niro is a good example. A good interview has a connection with the other person. Questions are important, but there has to be a rapport between the people. Followup question are important too. Good luck.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Funny you mentioned celebrity interviews. If you take Harrison Ford, we’re all expecting him to be the rascally charming rebel, Han Solo. But in real life, he’s very low key and almost boring. Great points about connection and follow up questions. I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks KC!

  2. Sarah Lund says:

    I can imagine that interviewing a hollywood star, would feel more intimidating than interviewing a local star. And normally hollywood celebrities take themselves way too seriously. Even their status. You can just tell. They look down their noses at other celebs, or more down to earth people. E.g, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Why are we giving these two so much praise? What’s so special about them? Actually, not much is. lol. Not imo. Angelina just stands posing on a red carpet, but soon dissapears again, meanwhile the fact that Brad Pitt chose her over Jennifer Aniston still makes her feel like she has one up on her. Pretty sure of it. Very smug and sly and downright snidy. I’m no fan of Aniston, but Aniston wouldn’t look down on people, or act like she’s the queen. In fact, I’d much rather just talk to Chris Stark all day. He is humble, VERY nice-mannered, well respected. I’d be HIS slave any time. All of the time, in fact 🙂

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Celebrities do take themselves to seriously. I wonder if the fans and media made them that way? Chris Stark does seem like a cool guy. Funny you mentioned Aniston. Your fav Chris Stark just interviewed her!

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