Baby Photo Shoot Tips From Baby Buck

Baby Buck

As I gear up for PLUSH 2013, I got a reminder of another baby event I attended. A month ago at the What’s Up For Kids Expo, I entered Baby Buck into a cutest kid cover photo contest. To my pleasant surprise, he is one of the finalists! I have a new found respect for baby photographers, because taking good baby pictures is harder than it looks. Here are some tips I took away that hopefully will make your baby photo shoot go as smooth as possible.

Timing is Everything

When selecting our time slot, the only one available was 11:30 AM.  This actually worked in my favor because it is the sweet spot right after breakfast and just before lunch. The day of I gave Baby Buck his breakfast at 9:30, we left around 10, and made it to the location at around 11. He had half an hour to stretch and freshen up after napping on the drive over.  After the shoot, I promptly fed his lunch for a job well done. Learn your baby’s eating and sleeping schedule and plan your photo shoot around it.

Dress Accordingly

Just like going to the job interview, you need to tailor your attire for the occasion.  The theme of the photo shoot was summer beachwear.  We found him a cute elephant t-shirt, matching shorts with animals, and topped him off with a beach hat.  You can’t forget your accessories!

Act a Fool

Although he is quite expressive and usually quite happy, when the camera is on, Baby Buck looks like a deer in headlights.  Get your little one to crack a precious smile by acting as silly as you possibly can.  I hooted, hollered, sneezed, and snapped like a fool.  Thankfully the Fleur de Lis photographer and assistant were experts in coaxing a grin out of Baby Buck.

Final Thoughts

Taking baby pictures is hard work.  But if you are patient, quick on the trigger, or work with skilled photographers, maybe, just maybe you’ll capture a priceless, precious moment.  To have a successful photo shoot, remember timing is everything, dress accordingly, act a fool, and don’t forget to have fun!

Please vote for Baby Buck by clicking on his picture or clicking What’s Up For Kids Expo’s Cutest Kid Cover Contest.  Also please comment or email me what you are working on so I can support, promote, and re-pay you for your kindness.

Stay Inspired!

Update: Some people are running into issues casting their vote. Here are some more detailed instructions.

Cutest Kid Cover Contest

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8 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    Enjoy the moments, because they grow up very quickly!

  2. Untemplater says:

    Sorry I saw this too late to vote. Really cute pic! I tried doing a few photoshoots of babies under a year old once. Oh wow it is so much harder than I ever thought lol. Babies do not sit still when you want them to! 🙂

  3. Jai Catalano says:

    What a great photo. I LOVE IT.

  4. I am just so glad I came across this post this morning. That cute, adorable kid made my day.

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