Are You An Update Addict?

When I was growing up, before Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (how did we survive?), my friends and I would spend countless hours shooting the breeze on the phone or at the local diner. It was Seinfeld on steroids. However, the most fun is when we had some news to chew on.

“Who’s that girl? Going to the dance? What did you get at the mall? New job? New car?”

When we got older, the questions changed, but the essence remained the same.

“Where are you going to college? What major? Where are you moving to? New job? New house? What, you’re getting married?”

Sam, the Financial Samurai is a blogging addict. My name is Buck Inspire and I am an update addict.

Attention Deficit Disorder

What happens when you come across a day when it’s the same old, same old? Since I am an update addict, I do the next best thing. I talk to friends and get a hit of their updates! If we’re lucky, someone has some news for us to chew on. On the rare moments when everyone has nothing special going on, life almost grinds to a halt.

Fuel To The Fire

What happens if you have a bad day? If you’re lucky, you can get a hit of updates from a friend. If that’s not available, you scavenge for anything, leaving no stone unturned.

“Check my email, is this thing on? Check my blog, comments, and stats. No one stopped by, traffic is slowing, why? My social media. Why isn’t anyone retweeting and liking me? Adsense. Why am I stuck at five dollars?”

If you’re having a really bad episode, you might also glance at your retirement accounts and stock portfolio, anything to get you out of your funk. What happens if your media outlets are dry and the market goes into a correction? Will you totally lose your mind and your will to live?

Final Thoughts

When we were kids, life was simple and carefree. We just worried about homework, the prom, and what diner to hang out at. In our hectic adult lives, we can’t get overwhelmed. I also strongly suggest breaking your old childhood habit of hinging your mood and well-being to external stimulus. If you’re lucky, you pull yourself out of your temporary hole. But most likely, you will frantically and hopelessly grasp for solid ground as if you were trapped in quicksand. Focus your energy and time on being productive and take steps toward your goals rather than aimlessly wasting away refreshing your computer screen. I see you! My name is Buck Inspire and I was an update addict.

Are you an update addict? If so, what are you trying to do about it?

Stay Inspired!

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18 Responses

  1. 101 Centavos says:

    Relax, Buck.
    Here’s an update: I just posted a new article. 🙂

  2. Squirrelers says:

    I did have the potential to be someone frequently looking for updates, but I try to manage that impulse. Acutally, I’ve done it well. If I only check email and social networking daily, that works for me. Any more than that, and it becomes consuming. I always think of how much time is available, and how much time it actually takes to check for updates. It can wreak havoc on productivity!

    An exception is work email, which has to be check frequently by many of us.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Great technique. I need to adopt it. It really is unproductive and more of a distraction. With my smartphone I check my work email, too. But after boring or stressful work, I flip it to my WordPress app to check all my wonderful commenters. I am curbing this now to be more productive. Thanks!

  3. krantcents says:

    Catching up is normal when you have been away for a while, but what you described sounds a little like Facebook. That constant update of daily routine kind of stuff. Would therapy work? 🙂

  4. There’s an ad currently playing on TV that says “the internet will be perfectly ok without you”. My wife turns to me whenever it airs. It’s so funny, and sadly true. I spend way too much time online, consuming information, and adding to it now too. Everything is changing, but it all stays the same too. Nicely done.

  5. Haha, I love that Seinfeld clip. So funny. Social media groups are a waste of time for the most part. Updating your status every second is useless–who really cares what you’re doing? Not too many people.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Those snippets were hilarious. I don’t know why, but it cracks me up when they start slamming the phone in frustration. Slapstick? Glad you enjoyed it and yes, social media is a distraction from being productive. Thanks!

  6. You are doing just fine Buck. You can relax a bit.

    I am really trying hard to not fall into that trap with my blog. If I don’t get to commenting or the forum one day I don’t beat myself up. I used to but I have realized that I am only human and people should understand that. I have numerous other things in my life to keep up with.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Thanks Miss T! It is so easy to fall into a trap with your blog and anything else you are passionate about. What’s the fun of beating yourself up, right? I’m getting into my groove and finding my rhythm. Don’t you worry, but thanks for looking out as always!

  7. Great post. I’m an addict to the internet. I stop myself by promising that if I spend more than X hours on the internet doing Y, I’ll burn a $50 bill.

  8. Buck visiting you after more than a week. this article featured in few of the roundups, you actually described me in this. I am so update freak. Blog stats, sports score, mails everywhere I just update and look for new data. And sadly I am not doing anything about it.

    I know it’s not recommended 🙂

    P.S. Why your site don’t store my details? every time i had to type in.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      If you enjoy it, no problem. For me, it was causing some stress and making me unproductive. Not sure why my site isn’t storing your info. Is it too long? I also noticed you have a / at the end of your blog. Can you leave it off next time, just to see?

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