Am I In The Wrong Profession Andy Enfield?

Now that the NCAA tournaments are over, the biggest Cinderella story in my mind was USC hiring away Florida Gulf Coast University’s Andy Enfield.  His Eagles captured America’s hearts and he parlayed that success into a new salary of over one million dollars a year.  More power to him and it’s nice to see hard work and success get rewarded.  However, this situation made me wonder, “Am I in the wrong profession?”  Over a year ago, I struggled to leave my very comfortable job for more challenges and the unknown, much like Andy Enfield.  I did get a nice 25% raise for my trouble so I can’t complain. However, it pales in comparison to leaving FGCU’s $157,000 to USC’s $1,000,000.  That’s a whopping 537% increase! Which leads me to ask once again.

Am I In the Wrong Profession?

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  1. krantcents says:

    There are very few of those positions and there are a lot more people who want them. I knew John Wooden when he retired from UCLA. He lived in the same building as my mother. He was paid less than $40K and he never asked for a raise. Don’t feel sorry for him because for the next 30+ years he received $100K for speaking engagements.The guy who replaced him got a million dollars and did nothing for the program. I know you would love that opportunity, but so would about 1,000 or more coaches.

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