BI 068: Afford Anything Paula Pant Goes Where She Wants To Go

Paula Pant

A few years ago I learned about Paula Pant of Afford Anything and her globetrotting ways. She topped things off with her post, How I Traveled to 30 Countries by Age 30. I thought it would be great to hear about her travel adventures and her entrepreneur journey. After the interview, I wondered to myself, never mind the dream job, could Paula be actually living the dream life?

If you are a fan of Paula, you will learn

What is Paula’s favorite type of music?

What are her favorite foods?

Why does Paula love Legends of the Fall?

Where does she love to travel to and where are her dream destinations, the most original answer to date!

Why does Paula think you have to stay at a destination for at least a week to count?

When we get down to business with Paula, you will learn

What was her mindset when she left her job in 2008?

What is the difference with being self employed and being an entrepreneur?

How does Paula create passive income?

What inspired her love for travel?

What sparked Paula to start a business when she returned home?

In 2010, what metric did she use to guide her on being an entrepreneur?

Was there ever a time she wanted to go back to a corporate job?

Hear her thoughts on handing over your right to vacation to your job?

What is Paula’s advice for anyone wanting to leave their 9 to 5?

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