From an early age, I learned and took pride in saving.  I tried to squeeze everything I could out of every penny, sometimes to a fault.  When we were teenagers, I was left in charge of some spending money between my brother and me while my parents went away for vacation for a few weeks.  To my brother’s disgust, I documented every item and made us use half of what we were allotted.  I was quite proud of my accomplishment, but I do remember my parents being slightly freaked out at my ultra-miserly ways.

I have to say I’ve eased up a bit and enjoy myself more.  But having gone through the worst recession in our lifetime, I re-evaluated my spending habits.  I felt like a kid again.  Pinching pennies, clipping coupons, searching the internet high and low for deals and when I found them, wow, it was like ecstasy.

I can’t be the only one, right?  Aren’t there more people out there who appreciate the once almighty dollar?  Everyone is busy trying to get out of the rat race and chasing millions, but what about the other side of the bill?  Excuse the pun.  If you hit the lottery, good for you, if you become the next big reality star, congratulations, but until then, can’t you empower yourself by using your dollars more wisely?  I think you can.  Join me on my quest.  Let’s find great deals together, get your friends to join you with all these great social media outlets, and why don’t we as a nation stimulate our own economy?  You save money, but you also inject money back into businesses, too.  Are you with me?


A lot has changed since I first wrote my About page three and a half years ago. I stepped out of my comfort zone, got a new job, and have a two year old son. The blog and podcast has evolved with me and now focuses on entrepreneurship and personal development.

If you have not heard the podcast yet, please drop by and take a listen. I am now interviewing successful entrepreneurs, uncovering their passions, discussing their mindset, and learning what inspires them.

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