3rd Annual Celebrity Red CARpet Safety Awareness Event

favored.by Red CARpet Event

A lot of my friends must wonder, why would I spend a Sunday afternoon at a baby event instead of watching football or training mixed martial arts to be the next UFC champion. My canned response is that it is cool to learn about the latest baby toddler products. Plus it’s nice for my son to get out of the house and play with other little ones. Digging deeper, my wife loves attending these events so I’m practicing “a happy wife is a happy life”. I am more of a basketball fan, but do enjoy watching good football. I have kept track of football stars over the years, but how can you fully get into football when LA doesn’t even have a team?

It was a gorgeous day at the Skirball Center. Ali Landry made appearances at different booths while parents and vendors gathered in the name of car seat safety. My two and a half year old son, who is requiring more play time these days, kept be busy the entire afternoon. Thankfully I did manage to visit many vendors and learn about their cool products.

Step 2 had a small track set up so kids could test drive their new 2-in-1 Ford® F-150 SVT Raptor. Flying all the way from Ohio, I learned that the Step 2 team spent time riding a real Ford Raptor so they could accurately mimic every detail in their toy, right down to the working light area. Whatever they did, they got it right because my son spent most of the day driving one and almost didn’t want to get out of it. For more information, visit Step 2.

Swanling, a husband and wife team, created their slumber sleeper which somehow combines a swaddling cloth and bed sheet all in one. It safely keeps the little one in the center of the bed, encourages sleeping on their back, and helps wean off dependent sleepers. Ali Landry raved about them as it helped her daughter sleep better. For more information, visit Swanling.

Happy Family talked to me about their organic baby and toddler food products. My son enjoyed snacking on their pouches and kept his hunger in check. For more information, visit Happy Family.

Healthy Child Healthy World generously distributed their Healthy Parenting Kit to attendees. The kit contains educational tips, tons of safer product samples and coupons. Healthy Child Healthy World’s mission is to empower parents to take action and protect children from harmful chemicals. For more information, visit Healthy Child Healthy World.

Quinny showed off their umbrella stroller which uses the same technology found in roller blades. I pushed one around and it required almost no effort. For more information, visit Quinny.

Pong educated me about smartphone radiation. Their cases are designed to minimize their effect and it works together with the antenna to improve reception. For more information, visit Pong.

Hipster demonstrated their new and hip way to carry your baby. It did feel very comfortable around me. I also learned the heartwarming story of how the co-founders met while work on a charity together. For more information, visit Hipster.

Mimo showed off their smart baby monitor. It is a wearable device, sewed into a baby’s onesie so everything from sleep position, breathing, and temperature is sent back to a mobile application on your smartphone. What are they going to think of next? For more information, visit Mimo.

Ford enlightened me on their new inflatable seat belts. It looks like a regular belt, but upon impact, the belt inflate to provide more protection to the passenger. The locking mechanism looks more rugged and reminded me of the seat belt on airplanes. For more information, visit Ford.

I spent the rest of the day hanging out with the friendly folks at the National Parenting Publications Awards. I asked Safety 1st for car seat cleaning tips, enjoyed a relaxing massage from Berlin, and stayed hydrated with Zoe Water. My son played in the nursery setup by Summer supervised by the friendly staff of Urbansitter (Uber for babysitters), played soccer and threw bean bags with Safe Kids Los Angeles West, and was entertained by an animal balloon maker and a face painter. Last, but not least, my son got measured by Safe Kids Worldwide for his height and weight. From that, they could determine what type of car seat he should be using. Special thanks to favored.by (a mobile app that allows parents to rate their favorite baby products) for putting on an amazing event!

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