10 Qualities Of Great Community Leaders

Since most of my readers are content creators, I will assume that they are also leaders of their communities. However this infographic not only applies to content creators. You can utilize these traits to be better leaders at work, with your friends, and within your own household.

Do you know of other qualities that make a good leader? If so, please list them and are you practicing them in your community?

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This inforgraphic was created by the Wake Forest University Online Counseling Program.

10 Qualities of Great Community Leaders

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6 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    I presume that you are excluding politicians because I see no leadership regardless of party.

  2. Untemplater says:

    Nice infographic. Leadership skills are important to have and really help you get ahead. Patience and kindness go a long way too.

  3. A good leader, first of all must be a good listener and a great follower, too.

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