Wanderlust Thank You Roundup

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12 Responses

  1. gilbert says:

    I love paul rudd. Aniston looks great as of late but you are right the films she picks could be better. Maybe its all she is being offered.

  2. Oh, as soon as I saw Wanderlust preview I knew I am not going to watch it even for free! lol

  3. Katharina25 says:

    I rather watch cartoons on tv than to watch this movie..Lol! Plus the fact that I don’t go for these actors. Sorry! It’s my own opinion..

  4. Nicole Schuman says:

    Lets give this movie a benefit of a doubt..Aniston is a great actress. I’ve seen one of her movies and its nice..Thanks for sharing this!

  5. I actually had zero interest to see this movie. The fact that it opened 8th shows that the general public shared this sentiment. This actually makes the Reese Witherspoon 4th place opening last week look almost passable, but only by comparison sake. I would rather re-watch some of the earlier releases than watch such fluff pieces. BTW, I’m okay with fluff, but it has to be a certain kind of fluff :)

  6. The trailer has me intrigued. For better or worse I’m going to see this tomorrow (or maybe Act Of Valor) so I’ll be able to share my opinion with you then…we’ll see.

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