The Rum Diary: Absolutely Nothing In Moderation

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12 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    Although the trailer looks interesting, there is a long list of movies that are coming out this Fall I would rather see.

  2. Aloysa says:

    Beaker refuses to go and see it just because Hunter directed this show. I think he is still recovering from one of his shows with Depp drinking in Vegas this time. :) I’d see it just because it does look entertaining and I loooove Johnny. :)

  3. This one may have to wait for Netflix after your honest appraisal. Although I could use a little boost in the writing motivation department right now, and H S Thompson is my namesake (My Mother changes this story every time I ask). It’s a toss-up between this and Puss in Boots…might go bowling instead.

  4. Hope you enjoyed your vacation Buck :)

  5. Moneycone says:

    Like Hunter I’m gonna wait this one out on Netflix!

  6. I have heard of this one but it really didn’t excite me too much. I may just download it later but I won’t go to the theater for it. Glad you enjoyed it though. Hope you had a great break too.

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