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Tangier Korean BBQ Of Tokyo

You would think after my last visit to a Chinese buffet, no more buffets for yours truly. Call me a glutton for punishment or someone who really appreciates deals. One of those coupon sites had a great one, two all you can eat dinners and sake for $25. Normally it would be $25 each or $20 on Monday nights. Months ago I tried a Korean BBQ in Koreatown for $9.99. Why would I spend more when I could have just gone back for another round?

You Get What You Pay For

In the past, I ate to live. My palette couldn’t differentiate between regular meat and higher quality meat. More recently, my taste buds were finally awakened. Simply put, Tangier serves the good stuff.

Hole In The Wall Hideaway

Tangier is a very unassuming restaurant from the outside. When you enter, you journey into a secret hideaway that is surprisingly bigger than it seems. You are greeted by enthusiastic servers yelling welcome in Japanese. These greetings rang throughout the evening. I started yelling some incomprehensible Japanese just for fun. The sake may have something to do with it. Plus, when in Japan, do as the Japanese do right?

Final Thoughts

For all you anime fans, a handful of your favorite characters guard different sections in the restaurant. To top it off, you have a psychedelic video screen grooving with European house music. I was so excited I told some friends who live out of town about my visit. Since they appreciate anime and good meats, the next time they are in town, the first stop will be Tangier Korean BBQ of Tokyo. If you are frugal like me, you normally would be quite satisfied at a $9.99 joint. But after working so hard and being so mindful of your money, do yourself a favor and live a little. You really do get what you pay for, if you are a smart shopper. Finally, when ordering your meat, try the Harami (skirt steak). It is to die for. For more information visit their website and check out their pictures at Tangier Korean BBQ Of Tokyo.

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