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Don’t Hesitate When Opportunity Knocks Ian Ziering

I must confess back in the day I was a fan of 90210, who wasn’t?  I wasn’t big on Team Dylan or Team Brandon but who wasn’t on Team Steve Sanders?   I am not a celebrity stalker who constantly watches TMZ and reads the tabloids, but when I found out Ian Ziering was going to be on the 2013 Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) celebrity daddy panel, I thought it would be cool to say hi and take a picture with him.  Like I mentioned before, it was an entertaining, insightful, and heart warming panel discussion.   As expected, when the talk was over, some of the attendees stayed behind to speak with the panelists.

I had two agendas.  One I mentioned above and the second, more importantly, was to say hi to Buck Inspire supporter Robert “Daddy” Nickell.  Robert also had a line going so it was a two-man race.   I was in between both of them but quickly prioritized and jumped into Robert’s line.  Perhaps I also subconsciously chose the path of least resistance because Robert had been a guest on my podcast and I’ve interacted with him a few times in the past.  After Robert and I exchanged pleasantries and caught up, I had a few moments to work on my second goal.

Ian Ziering was also wrapping up and before I knew it he bolted for the exit. I hesitated for a moment and slowly chased after him.   My inner dialogue went a little like this. What are you doing?  Are you a teenage girl?   Why don’t you chase after Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner to while you’re at it?

That’s when I stopped my pursuit and composed myself. What did I learn from this?

Don’t Hesitate

When I was in between lines and oscillating on my next move, other people stepped in and lined up in front of me. When an opportunity presents itself, if you hesitate, your competition and your peers will get in front of you.  Over the years, whenever I did hesitate, a less than ideal outcome happened.  Most of the time, nothing happens and I’m left wondering what just happened here?

Don’t Overthink

Analysis paralysis reared its ugly head. How do I sound cool?    Do you want him to think you’re a weirdo?  Am I being silly?  Don’t embarrass yourself fanboy!  In the end, I did nothing.  If an opportunity pops up and you stew too long, your self doubt and your pessimistic side could get the best of you and immobilize you.

Don’t Be Too Polite

If you want something, go get it.  If not, other people who do will take your share or your spot in line.  Most of the time, things don’t fall into your lap.  You have to work and earn it.  There really are no free lunches and silver spoons.

No Excuses

A favorite of line of mine is Oh you’ll see him next time. Oh really?  Justifying your non action won’t deliver the goods.  In this case with the success of Sharknado, and a possible sequel in the works Ian Ziering will be even more scarce.  Good going Buck!

Final Thoughts

I’m not saying to plunge impulsively into every opportunity that comes your way.  That would be foolish and you will only be successful if you are very lucky.  What I am saying is don’t hesitate, overthink, be too polite, and make excuses. If you do, the opportunities that come your way will slip through your fingers. Just look at me me and Ian Ziering.

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Stay Inspired!

The Client List: Jennifer Love Hewitt Meets Buck Inspire

I apologize that my regular schedule has been so inconsistent. You can pin it all on My First Time Father Thoughts. Can you say, “What sleep schedule?”

April 08, 2012 was the premiere of The Client List starring Jennifer Love Hewitt on Lifetime. From the looks of the trailer, it looks pretty provocative. Here’s my little tale of how I also ended up on JLH’s client list.

A few months ago I was my minding my own business when I noticed Hollywood happening. Production crew, equipment, cameramen, directors, and beautiful people were preparing to shoot a scene. I was always fascinated with the world of make believe we call Hollywood. The days of being an actor are long gone, so I just hurried about my business.

An attractive, petite woman in business attire sauntered over and happened to open the same door I was about to pass through. I thought she was an executive type inspecting the set and commented to myself, “Wow, a Hollywood suit with manners.” I asked her, “Is it ok if I pass through? Are you shooting right now?” She smiled, “No we’re not, quickly go right ahead.” Then it clicked, this Hollywood suit was Jennifer Love Hewitt! I giddily exclaimed, “Hey!” as if she was one of my long lost friends. Way to play it cool, Buck. She just smiled. My mind was racing a mile a minute. Do I ask for an autograph? Do I shoot her with my iPhone? Think Buck, think! I froze like a deer in headlights. I went on my merry way fearing I would get shooed away be a cameraman or worse a director.

Final Thoughts

I replayed my adventure with some friends and although they were envious, they all felt I choked. “You should have calmly said you were a fan and enjoy her work.” “Easy for you to say.” However, I do give them credit for having something to go to if the moment ever rises and they get thrown into the hot seat. Analysis paralysis struck so I drew a blank.

What would you have done in my shoes? How do you handle yourself when put into a hot seat?

Hollywood is usually filled with shallow, two-faced cutthroats. As I mentioned earlier, because of my brief encounter, I am now a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Not for her work on Party of Five, I Know What You Did Last Summer, or her magazine appearances. I am on her Client List because of her wonderful personality. Jennifer, thanks for restoring my faith in Hollywood and if you ever want to be a guest on a podcast that is sweeping the nation, you are always welcomed here.

Stay Inspired!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s Your New Zazzle Store!

Dear Mrs. Inspire,

Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t think I forgot you on this special day. I know I haven’t been the most pleasant to be around as our little one prepares to enter the world. Just know that I’ve been pushing myself harder than I ever have in my life to make sure you two will be well taken care of. I’m sorry if I sometimes take it out on you and I know that I will never understand what you and your body is going through.

Rather than give you flowers or chocolates, I created you a Zazzle Store! Not only do you have your favorite blog logo shirts, but I finally created the answer to your biggest problem. Hope you like it and please create your own fabulous creations. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program. Speaking about not understanding what a woman goes through during pregnancy, I strongly suggest you thank your wife and mother for that matter for bearing your children and bringing you into this world. Love you Mom! I have to confess, the Zazzle Store isn’t only for my wife. It is a gift to myself.

Lifelong Dream

Well not quite, but I always “thought it would be cool” to make my own t-shirt. At one time or another most of my friends made one. In fact, some are still doing it for a living. Guess what I did? I wore t-shirts and continued thinking how cool it would be. After all these years, all I had were “cool” thoughts and a whole lot of nothing. I’m still going strong with my 2012 resolution of making today better than yesterday. How did I finally convert my cool thoughts into reality? Let’s review.

Erased the Excuses

When I was younger, I was notorious for being my own worse enemy. I’m not an artist. I can’t draw. I’m not creative enough. The list of negative criticsm of myself was endless. It’s no surpise I never lifted a finger. My own mental baggage weighed me down to no end! The excuses were finally erased.


Whatever happened to that NBC sitcom? I finally came to grips that I wasn’t an artist so I found a designer to make my three logos. I then leaned on my readers and the Yakezie Network to select my new official logo.

Stopped Analysis Paralysis

Besides all the negative execuses, I added more layers of resistence by thinking myself into oblivion. Crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s left me frozen into non-action. I would need the perfect plan to take the final step. Guess how many plans I launched? Not very many. Some people may thrive in analyzing and taking action. I do not.

Final Thoughts

My store may not be perfect and may not even produce one sale. But I am ecstatic that I finally took action on a lifelong “cool” thought.

Do you create negative excuses for yourself? Do you suffer from analysis paralysis? I’m here to tell you, let it go and be a happier and more productive person.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Stay Inspired!

P.S. What a voice… RIP Whitney.