Rebuy Discipline

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8 Responses

  1. MoneyCone says:

    Buy stocks like you want to own that business.

    If you owned your own business, would you give up just because you had one bad year?

  2. It is such an emotional game. DCA has saved us from making poor decisions time and time again. Congrats on identifying your problem and developing the resolve to solve it.

  3. Your not alone, I made a couple emotionally driven trades the past few years too. Not proud of it but it’s a good lesson on finding out your risk aversion. I usually just have to remind myself why I bought the stock to begin with, if fundamentals are good and nothings changed, just stay the course.

    By the way, nice video – great Simpsons episode!

  4. Everyone’s got a pity story, and I’m no different. I’m chewing on one now where I actually featured a stock on the blog, didn’t buy just yet, and now it’s almost doubled. The agony…..

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