Is Saving Not Sexy?

Most people know of my enjoyment for saving money and going Metro. But I was ecstatic when I combined the two even further. Since moving, I lost the use of Metro trains :( but I found a new bus commute. Using two buses, I can get to work for $1.75, one way. The estimated driving cost is $5.11, a whopping 66% off. I’ve ridden the bus a few times and was happy as a clam.

It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask

Then it dawned on me, “Hey can’t I get a transfer?” The other day I asked my driver and he said it would cost fifty cents. I said “No thanks.” and proceeded to walk to the back because I was expecting it to be free. :) The driver thought I was nuts and explained, you buy the transfer from me for fifty cents and you can use it on your second bus. I was a little slow that day. Really?!?! I snatched it up. For some reason, I was a little skeptical. The Metro website clearly states $1.75 for my one way. Wouldn’t the Metro website tell me or include transfers?

“This is What Excites My Friend”

While waiting for my connecting bus, I was beaming. I passed the time by catching up with an old friend. I was bubbling over so that was the first topic of conversation. My friend joked, “This is what excites my friend.” He runs his own company and frequently made trips to far off exotic locations like Malaysia and China. I chuckled and thought to myself, “Is saving not sexy?”

Paradise Found

I hopped on my second bus and nervously gave my transfer. The driver took a look at it, punched his computer, and let me on. I found my seat and caught up on my blog reading via my RSS reader and iPod touch. I didn’t get too far when I thought about my friend. We’re complete opposites. He is the rock star. I’m slow and steady, like a turtle. Growing up, blame it on the media, but I felt rock stars were more sexy than turtles. I struggled, with myself, as I wanted to be a sexy rock star, too. Ah, how silly I once was. I guess life does get easier when you “grow up”. I was finally at peace. I got my $1.75 commute down to 75 cents. I took a break from my BlackBerry and blogs and just watched the trees and clouds passing by. I was finally at peace and in touch with my inner turtle. Not sexy, you might say? Different strokes for different folks, but in the end, slow and steady wins the race.


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29 thoughts on “Is Saving Not Sexy?”

  1. I’m not sure if saving is sexy for me but it does lead to feeling more secure and stable and secure and stable is VERY sexy. :-) Congrats on discovering a cheaper way to travel!

  2. Ah yes, another fellow who privileges public transportation.
    Actually, we’re one of the few houses on our block with only 1 car! I leave the car to wify and I take the bus and the metro for a whopping $113 per month.

    Likewise, I catch up on my RSS feeds and also read an interesting book every now and then. Not sexy indeed but damn good for the budget. Think of it as having one’s own chauffeur :)

    1. Another awesome way to look at it! Personal chauffeur for $113 per month. Sign me up! :) Funny, for some strange reason I never thought gas and wear and tear on the car were expenses. I must have been dreaming. Glad I finally woke up!

  3. What is that feeling when you get a bargain? It is absolutely thrilling! I am not sure why, maybe it is that hidden child who is getting over that comes out. It certainly makes you smile. Your particular circumstance makes it seem like you were let in on a secret. It is like you are a member of a secret society. Enjoy the moment!

    1. Yeah, dunno why, but I agree, it is thrilling! :) Hidden child, member of a secret society, close. It’s like finding hidden treasure, a loophole, or a secret code to extra bonus levels in a video game! :)

      1. Thanks and same here! :) We have similar styles, blending personal finance with our other interests. I was thinking a Charlie Sheen post, too, but you beat me to the punch. I saw a tweet from Conan O’Brien. “My wife has adopted a No Goddesses policy!” :) Do you enjoy writing or making your videos more?

  4. My public commute cost around $4.50 round trip. The drive is about 35 miles and with gas at $3.40, it would cost around $5.
    The drive usually take less time though.
    So I split driving and taking public transport and it works out pretty well.
    Do you get any reimbursement for public transport? That might help out a bit.

    1. That makes sense. For me, it’s way cheaper to bus. My company covers parking, but I have to file paperwork. Plus since it’s so cheap to bus now, I figure I could save the company some money, which hopefully lines my pockets, too. One can dream. :)

  5. If I lived in a larger city, I too would take the bus.

    Kudos to your for finding the cheapest route possible! I would be happy to, as I hate to overpay from something I can get much cheaper!

    1. Thanks! I’m sure your frugal ways will find something to offset public transportation savings. :) What’s a savings you can get in a smaller city that can’t be found in a bigger one?

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