iPhone: Buyer’s Remorse?

I got my iPhone yesterday. I’ve heard great things. Apple is on fire. (Speaking of Apple gadgets and the company in general, check out Money Cone’s eye opening article, Your Returns Had You Bought Apple Shares Instead Of Apple Products.) Everyone on the planet is buying iEverything. So why am I so anxious about cutting over? If you can’t beat them join them, right? I took a step back and found some legitimate reasons for my apprehension.

One Armed Bandit

I remembered in the early 2000′s, BlackBerry’s were hideous. Short and stubby and looked like a person’s palm. Their current offerings, Curves, Bolds, Storms, and Torches are sleeker and can be easily manipulated with one hand. I have an iPod touch and clumsily use two hands. I worry about the slowdown in my production.

Lone Wolf

My team constantly keeps in touch using BlackBerry Messenger. I hear an app is coming soon, but until then I need to find a workaround to stay in touch with the team. That’s another demerit for work productivity.

Out Of Sync

Since my BlackBerry is connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, I get real time emails piped to my device, lucky me. I believe the iPhone needs to occassionally poll my mail server meaning my emails won’t be real time. Will I die if my emails are fifteen minutes delayed, probably not. I’m just adding one more item to the list.

Apps Galore

We’ve all heard it. “There’s an app for it!” After all my moaning about productivity, there supposedly is a ton of apps that can make me even more productive than now. There’s a workaround for the BlackBerry Messenger (WhatsApp) so things are not as bleak as I made them to be.

Final Thoughts

After being a dedicated BlackBerry user for years, I’m just having a hard time letting go. Change is supposed to be a good thing and I will do my best to adjust. It is just hard to let go of such a trusted and reliable sidekick. But if I had to choose a replacement, I can’t do better than one of Steve Job’s greatest inventions.

What are your thoughts about your mobile device? Am I freaking out for nothing? Any advice on dealing with smartphone swap anxiety?

23 thoughts on “iPhone: Buyer’s Remorse?”

  1. I opted for neither blackberry nor iPhone and went with an extremely cheap no contract Android as you can see by my most recent post below.

    Loving it so far. Much better than Windows Mobile, which is what I came from. Kinoma Play made that bearable – but anything is an upgrade from Windows Mobile :)

  2. We are too cheap to pay for the service plan so we’re sticking with a dumb phone for now. :)
    I guess someday we’ll have to upgrade, but we’ll probably give it a few more years.

    1. Dumb phone, does that fall in the same category as snail mail? :) If you’re ok with your current phone, no need to upgrade. But there are some bells and whistles that are pretty cool. You can even download apps to help with blogging or personal finance.

      1. Seems like a pretty powerful phone in between the new dual core phones and the older generation. I prefer the openness of Android and its design to iOS, although I admit that iOS has the smoothest and most polished UI of any smartphone OS. Still, Android with Gingerbread is not far behind.

        Finally, I just feel like buying it and want to spoil myself. In the past I used to do this by buying new computers… now computers are so powerful that my 2 year old PC is still good and this is actually cheaper. ;)

        1. Sounds like you’re well versed on the phones out there. Need to play with Android some more. Work sponsored so figure give it a spin. Crazy part is phones are now like mini computers!

  3. Actually, I’m coming out of the closet tomorrow over at Everyday Tips, “Why I don’t want an I Phone.” I confess that I do not have an android phone and have no plans in the immediate future to get on! Look, I think blackberry and I phone seem cool, but, I don’t think I need either one now! Whew, it’s out. (Please don’t judge me :) )

  4. Good points on the blackberry, being able to type on their keyboard more quickly is very nice!

    I’ve seen the android phone (someone at work has one), and it does look awesome. Like Evan, I do think Apple products are overprices too.

    You got some great comments above! :)

  5. I never had a blackberry. I think the tiny buttons prevented me from buying one. Plus having to pay for the data plan without having as much capability as the iPhone bothered me. I had a RAZR for the longest time. And after 2 years of arm twisting, me and the hubby got the iPhone 3G when it came out. And OMG, I fell in love with it. It really is super handy. We only upgraded to the 4 because my husband kept dropping his and it screwed up the screen. I ended up selling mine, which helped to pay for the new ones.

    We live out in an unincorporated area so everything is long distance. We don’t have the dropped call problems people are experiencing, and we no longer have a land line. I don’t have internet at home. And I only have basic cable at home and Netflix. The iPhone has really worked out for us. It’s my phone, my gps, my laptop, I get to watch movies on it, my iPod, my camera, my video camera, etc. I rarely use my digital camera anymore because it’s so bulky. This phone has actually replaced a lot of things for me. For us, we pretty much swapped Internet and expensive cable for our iPhone plans. We’ve been with AT&T since they were Cingular, so we have a really old minutes plan that no longer exists, and we got in with the unlimiated data plan just in time.

    1. My co-worker told me its a life changer. I’m adjusting quite well. Haven’t piped all my entertainment through it, but am quickly seeing the advantages. Might need to do a follow up post soon. Thanks for your detailed feedback!

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