Club MomMe’s Family Fall Fest 2013 Recap


It was a beautiful, summer like day in Malibu for Club MomMe’s Fall Fest 2013. Although I was amped for the Entrepreneurship for Moms speaker panel, there also were tons of sponsors and vendors showing off their wares. Before we get to a few that caught my eye, let’s roll out the red carpet.


Star Power

I know it’s easy to forget that celebrities are people too, but it was nice to see so many celebrity moms show up for the event. For a brief moment, I felt like I was working for TMZ as I frantically snapped pictures of Tia and Tamera Mowry (MILKY!), Garcelle Beauvais, and Jenni Pulos beaming for the cameras. After letting my inner paparazzi get its fill, it was time for business.

Entrepreneurship For Moms

Obviously I’m not a mother, but since I’m getting in touch with my inner entrepreneur, this speaker panel was very timely and relevant for me. Moderated by the funny and dynamic duo who brought us Sh*tty Mom, I was treated to many nuggets of wisdom and inspirational stories.  I was so moved that I grabbed the mic and joined in on the fun by asking a question that has been weighing on my mind. I’m going to break down this speaker panel in detail in a future post, but let’s just say, I was very educated, entertained, and inspired.


Sponsors and Vendors

My friends and family all have the Honda Odyssey. It was great to see they’re not resting on their laurels as Honda’s public relations team was out in full force touting the new features found in the 2014 Odyssey. Britax informed us about their upcoming accessory pack. It allows you to store bottles around the stroller’s handle area and includes a hand tire pump. This would have been helpful as I recently hauled my BOB stroller to Costco’s tire center to pump my deflated tires. Lansinoh was also on hand displaying their latest breastfeeding and pumping products.

Secondly, it was nice to see old Buck Inspire friends Cover My Heart and Daddy Scrubs. Cover My Heart makes fashionable nursing covers with a pillow for back support. Daddy Scrubs makes cool gear for the sometimes forgotten piece of the puzzle, the dad. So moms, don’t forget your significant other!

Finally, I had a delightful time chatting with Garcelle Beauvais and her team about their children’s book, I Am Mixed. A story about twins of mixed ancestry that Halle Berry says “is an invaluable teaching tool that all children of all races can learn from”.

As I continue to live from my iPhone, Ali Landry’s team at may be on to something. helps you break though all the clutter of negative meaningless reviews, confusing rating systems and overwhelming choices by only concentrating on peoples ultimate favorite products in a given category. This smartphone app ties into social media and even has a reward system.

Best In Show

There were many great products and many amazing speakers. Hollie Schultz from BabyGizmo and Ali Landry are true experts in all baby and toddler products (car seats, high chairs, strollers, and toys). But the person who stole the show was Jenni Pulos. Not only was she insightful and inspiring during the Entrepreneurship For Moms talk, what 40 year old white female rapper can bust out an impromptu performance of Poo in the Potty and still rock the mic downstairs at the end of the day with the same energy and enthusiasm from the morning? Jenni Pulos and Old School Kids Beats takes my Best In Show.


Although parking was a madhouse and the show ran a little late, kudos to Rachel and the ClubMomMe team for lining up the great vendors, inspiring speakers, and mind-blowing giveaways.

For more information on ClubMomMe’s Family Fall Fest, visit today.

Stay Inspired!

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